This Week at Wallingford: April 18, 2017

 WUMC Update, April 18, 2017

Coming Sunday

April 23, 2017: Second Sunday of Easter

9:00 AM – Adult Ed & Sunday School

10:00 AM – Worship

7:00 PM – Women’s Group

  For Your Calendar

  • April 19 – The Purple Group (Sue Sherbrooke’s House)
  • April 20 – Race & Spirituality Group
  • April 22 – Matters of the Heart Auction
  • April 25 – WUMC Reading Group
  • April 30 – Social Concerns Group
  • May 9-17 – Mary’s Place Shelter at Ravenna UMC
  • May 11 – Race & Spirituality Group
  • May 13 – Spring Work Party

The Purple Group

Come talk about potentially tough topics with friends.

The Purple Group (formerly the Support Group for Children of Aging Parents) gathers regularly to share members’ own journeys of aging and mortality and to support one another as we care for aging loved ones.

The Purple Group will meet on Wednesday, April 19, at 6:00PM at Sue Sherbrooke’s home. The group would love to have you over for a light dinner and discussion. For more information, please contact Sue Sherbrooke.

Volunteer at Mary’s Place

Mary’s Place is a shelter for women and children struggling with homelessness.

Ravenna UMC will host the Mary’s Place shelter for women and children from May 9-17. Doug Conrad and the WUMC Social Concerns Group invite you to sign up to volunteer at the shelter during those dates.

Volunteers will work with others from Ravenna UMC, Trinity UMC, and a Mormon group to provide hospitality for the women and children at the shelter. Not all volunteer shifts are overnight, so don’t be deterred! Many hands are needed to prepare meals, offer transportation, hang out, and clean up.

Click here to go to the signup page, and contact Doug Conrad if you have questions.

Race & Spirituality Group

Check out an exciting new book with the Race & Spirituality Group this April and May.

The Race & Spirituality Group invites you to join them in reading Rev. Dr. William Barber III’s The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear in April and May.

In 2013, Dr. Barber led over 100,000 people to protest voting restrictions and changes to the state government of North Carolina. These “Moral Monday” protests have grown into a nationwide movement, and Dr. Barber offers an impassioned argument that Moral Mondays show a new way for justice-loving people to build movements and take political action.

Seattle District Superintendent Rich Lang has highly recommended that all 50 churches in the District create a book group focused on The Third Reconstruction to promote learning, fellowship, and creative approaches to seeking justice in our communities.

The Race & Spirituality Group will be discussing The Third Reconstruction on April 20 at Mary Edwards’ house. All are welcome! Contact Mary Edwards ( for further information.

Matters of the Heart Auction

The annual Matters of the Heart Fundraising Auction is coming up on April 22nd!

Tickets for April 22’s annual Matters of the Heart Auction are available at Head over to the website to purchase tickets, put your auction donations up for viewing, or see other items that will be available at the auction.

New auction items are going up daily, so be sure to check back option. Some recent adds include:

  • A 10-day vacation house rental on Mexico’s Pacific Coast
  • A 2-night houseboat getaway on Lake Union
  • Dinner parties featuring Brazilian and Mexican fare
  • Theater tickets for Seattle Children’s Theatre, Taproot Theatre, and ArtsWest
  • Wine tasting and tours at Eight Bells Winery and Hoodsport Winery
  • And much more!

WUMC Reading Group

Get together for good books and discussion with other WUMCers.

The WUMC Reading Group will be reading and discussing the book A House for Hope: The Promise of Progressive Religion for the 21st Century by John Buehrens and Rebecca Parker.

A bit about the book from the publisher:

“For over a generation, conservative religion has seemed dominant in America. But there are signs of a strengthening liberal religious movement. For it to flourish, laypeople need a sense of their theological heritage. A House for Hope lays out, in lively and engaging language, the theological house that religious liberalism has inherited-and suggests how this heritage will need to be spiritually and theologically transformed.”

The Reading Group will begin discussions on A House for Hope starting Tuesday, April 25, at 1:30PM. The group meets every other Tuesday in the Adult Ed room. All are welcome! If you’d like more information, please contact Kay Verelius.

Update Your WUMC Email Preferences

WUMC’s broad interest groups are updating their email lists!

The Worship, Social Concerns, and Community groups invite you to update your email preferences. These groups convene periodically and conduct planning, support, and project-related meetings throughout the year, often sharing information and carrying on topical discussions in between meetings via email.

If you would like to be kept aware of opportunities to be involved in any of these ways, please add your name to any or all of these e-mail lists! Sign-up sheets will be available after church April 23 and April 30, or you can contact any of the following group facilitators to ask to be added.

Contact Sue Sherbrooke at

The Worship group works closely with Pastor Ann to plan worship themes and church decoration, and to support worship services with practical assistance, including providing ushers, liturgists, and scripture readers.

Social Concerns
Contact Diana Pearce at
or Jane Appling at

The Social Concerns group is a forum for discussion, support, and response regarding social justice issues, such as housing and homelessness, race, the environment, and immigrant and refugee issues.

Contact Carrie Fry at

The Community group is concerned primarily with building the community life of the church and our hospitality to visitors and neighbors. This group’s interests include organizing social and cultural activities, from picnics to movie nights, supporting youth and family activities, and welcoming newcomers into the community. If you want to learn how to use the kitchen, this group’s for you!

Save the Date for Social Concerns

All are welcome to join in.

Save April 30 for the next meeting of the Social Concerns Group right after Sunday worship. This will be a time for discussion, updates on group activities, and planning for future group action. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

Spring Work Party

Come join in the fun on May 13!

WUMC and the Wallingford Childcare Center are hosting a work party at the church on May 13 from 9:00AM-4:00PM. Help us put the “party” into this work party by having many hands to make the work go fun and fast. This is a drop-in event, so come for the whole day or just for a little while. There will be many tasks to match your skill and interest. Sink your hands into the soil or get soiled cleaning the sink!

The more, the merrier! Snacks will be served. For more information, contact Pastor Ann.