This Week at Wallingford: December 11, 2017

 WUMC Update, December 11, 2017

Coming Sunday

December 17: Third Sunday of Advent

9:00 AM – Adult Ed

10:00 AM – Worship

7:00 PM – Women’s Group

For Your Calendar

  • December 13 – RESULTS
  • December 15 – Sanctuary Open for Meditation and Prayer
  • December 22 – Longest Night Service
  • December 24 – Christmas Eve Service
  • December 25 – Christmas Day Service
  • January 7 – Celebration of Epiphany

Sanctuary Open for Meditation & Prayer

Take some time to find the center.
The WUMC sanctuary will be open for quiet prayer and meditation from 7:00-9:00PM on December 8 and 15, and you are invited to come and participate. This time of reflection is for you to connect with self and Spirit in a holy space, free from the distractions that the busy holiday season can bring.

If you are new to meditation and self-guided prayer, never fear! There are many wonderful resources for you to explore in your own way. Here are a just a few.

  • Centering Prayer is a meditative practice of focusing the mind, heart, and body on the always-available presence of God. Whether for 5 or 10 or 20 minutes, this practice of slowing down and attending to the divine helps refresh our hearts. Find a guide to this practice here.
  • The Ignatian Examen is a gentle practice developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola. It is a simple way to reflect on our days and find places where we experienced the holy and places where perhaps we missed it. Discover more here.
  • Ruth’s Mindfulness Practices are four exercises in mindfulness from Dr. James Doty’s book, Into the Magic Shop. In this book, Doty – a neurosurgeon – discovers the magic of mindfulness practice from his mentor, Ruth. Find the exercises online here.

Longest Night Service

Take some time to connect with all the season brings.

Christmas can be a difficult time. It may be weighted down with grief, carry the anguish of broken relationships, the uncertainty of money struggles, the weariness of ill health, and the pain of loneliness. Where can we find light in the darkness?

The Longest Night Service on December 22 provides space for all that the season brings. You are invited to join in for a time of music, readings, candle lighting, and prayer which will acknowledge these feelings and help us begin to find a way to find comfort in God and in others.

The evening begins at 7:00PM. If you have questions, concerns, or are seeking further pastoral care, please contact Pastor Ann.

From Here to Epiphany

Below is a list of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany events coming up in the next weeks at WUMC. You are welcome to attend any and all services, and more details on each will be forthcoming.
  • December 15, 7:00-9:00PM: Sanctuary Open for Mediation and Prayer
  • December 17, 10:00AM, Third Sunday of Advent: “You Mean Me?” (Choir Featured)
  • December 22, 7:00PM: Longest Night Service
  • December 24, 10:00AM, Fourth Sunday of Advent: “What If?”
  • December 24, 7:30PM: Christmas Eve Service
  • December 25, 10:00AM: Christmas Day Service
  • December 31, 10:00AM, First Sunday of Christmas: Covenant Service (with Communion and Love Feast)
  • January 7, 10:00AM: Celebration of Epiphany

Our Christmas Offering for The Community Emergency Relief Fund

This fund serves both church friends and our neighbors in deep need throughout the year. Money spent in 2017 has gone to cover medical costs, food, utilities, bus tickets, and limited housing assistance. Our Christmas Offering is the primary source of monies for this important fund, a gift of hope to those who are struggling.

The Giving Tree 

Our Giving Tree this year carries tags (of gift requests) for the families under the care of the Mary’s Place Shelter. We are delighted to be participating in this special mission with the staff and families of our Wallingford Child Care Center.

Sock/Hat Drive Update

The Women’s Group has an update on the Sock (and now Hat) Drive.

The Sock/Hat Drive ministry continues through the winter months. This month approximately 30 pairs of socks were given out along with sack meals at the Downtown Seattle Outdoor Meal Site and were greatly appreciated! Please continue to donate to this important ministry. The people struggling with homelessness in Seattle need warmth in this winter weather. Let ‘s share our resources and bring comfort to those who need to stay warm and dry without housing.

Winter Events for Students

Make the most of a holiday break.
If you have a high school student in your life looking for ways to make the most of their winter break, check out these two opportunities from the Pacific Northwest Conference.

  • The Christmas Institute is a retreat for youth (7th grade to two years out of high school) and adult leaders up at The Firs in Bellingham from December 26-30. This retreat is open to all, with a target population of folks from immigrant Filipino and Filipino American/Canadian families within the United Methodist Church. During this retreat, young people will develop leadership skills, worship together, play games, and grow their faith together. Registration costs vary. Visit for full details and registration.
  • The Conference’s High School Winter Retreat is for kids grades 9-12 to explore the Christian faith through worship, lively conversations, and invigorating outdoor activities in the snow. This year’s theme is Live Larger—Delving Into the 10 Commandments. The High School Winter Retreat runs from December 27-30 at Lazy F Camp. Cost is $195 per participant, and some scholarships and group discounts are available. Visit for full details and registration.