#MeToo Adult Share Night on October 25

The #MeToo campaign, an effort to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of sexual assault, has swept through social media. Many of us have either seen people we know identify themselves as sexual assault survivors, or perhaps we ourselves have used the tag #MeToo to tell our own stories of harassment and abuse.

In the wake of this outpouring on social media, WUMC would like to invite you and your friends to the #MeToo Adult Share Night here at WUMC on Wednesday, October 25. This will be a night of peace and sharing of our own personal experiences of sexual assault in response to the #MeToo movement. Pastor Ann and CYF Director Ashley will co-host this event, which is open to all people (women, LGBTQ+, men) 18 and older.

The #MeToo Adult Share Night will offer time for each person to share their experiences with the entire group or with a prayer partner. There is no obligation for anyone to share, but WUMC is a safe space to join in friendship around issues such as these. The evening will culminate in a time of candle lighting to acknowledge each person’s unique story and to view our stories as one.

Please feel free to bring friends to this event. The #MeToo Adult Share Night will meet at 7:00PM in the Church School rooms off of Taylor Hall from 7:00-9:00PM this coming Wednesday. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Ann or Ashley.