“Racism & Being a (Largely) White Church”: New Adult Ed Series

January 15 is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, so as part of an all-church effort to address America’s “original sin” of racism, Adult Education will begin a new 6-week series this weekend entitled “Racism and Being a (Largely) White Church.”

This series will explore many different resources, including videos from local scholar Professor Robin DiAngelo. Dr. DiAngelo’s work as a white woman often focuses on talking to other white people about racism, fragility, privilege, and addressing shame. And in an exciting development, Adult Ed will also welcome Rev. Nancy Petty, one of the leaders of North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement, on January 28.

The six sessions are as follows:

  • January 7: Presentation of “What Does It Mean to Be White?”, a video from Dr. Robin DiAngelo distributed by UMC.
  • January 14: “What Does It Mean to Be White?”, cont.
  • January 21: Viewing and discussion of Rev. William Barber’s MLK Day Sermon at Riverside Church. Rev. Barber is the leader of the Moral Mondays movement and author of The Third Reconstruction.
  • January 28: Visit from Rev. Nancy Petty of the Moral Mondays movement.
  • February 4: “What Does It Mean to Be White?,” cont.
  • February 11: Discussion about individual and church-wide responses to this series.

Adult Ed meets on Sunday mornings at 9:00AM and all are welcome. Contact George Wright with any questions.