Matters of the Heart Auction: Volunteers Needed!

Last year’s Matters of the Heart Auction was a great success – meaning that crucial funding for two great organizations was raised, and people had a good time doing it. Want to be a part of a good thing?? The Auction Team is looking for help in the following areas. Please take 2 minutes to read these descriptions – you may find your next opportunity to serve your community here!
  • Apprentice: Come to meetings and the auction this year, hang out, help out, no big duties or responsibilities. Learn the ropes then commit to being on the committee for two more years, gradually increasing responsibilities. You can do this plus another job listed below, if you like.
  • Decorations: 3-8 hour commitment, especially the week and day of the auction (April 28). Come to site visit (at Swedish Club) at 4:30PM on February 6.
  • Wine: Many volunteers are welcome to donate nice bottles of wine, and 1-2 people are needed to coordinate/solicit and pick up wine donations. Store and deliver to Wine Grab volunteer (see below). We’re looking for maybe 40-50 bottles of wine?
  • Wine Grab: Gift wrap many bottles of wine. 1-3 hour time commitment during the week of the auction. May include transporting the wine to and from.
  • Storage & Delivery: Volunteers with extra space needed to store any large items for the auction from now to April 28. Random pick ups from donors and day of auction delivery to event.
  • Day of Auction: Volunteers need for anywhere from 1-9 hours during these shifts: set-up (2:00-5:00PM), clean up (9:00-11:00PM), organize items for silent auction (2:00-5:00PM).


Thank you for considering becoming a volunteer for the auction! To sign up, contact Liz Kennedy (206.679.7524; And visit to watch auction items go up and to find out more information on the event!