Giving at WUMC

Membership at Wallingford UMC carries the privilege of commitment and the opportunity to contribute to the life of our church through finances, time, service, and other gifts. Read on to find out more about giving at our church, and feel free to contact Pastor Ann ( for more information.

Financial Giving

Financial gifts to WUMC go toward keeping the church and its ministries running. Your donations cover costs from building upkeep to ministry expenses to staffing and more. WUMC’s financial processes are transparent and a financial report is given to the conference and the congregation annually.

  • You are welcome to bring your donations (cash or check) to WUMC to place in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. Also feel free to mail your offerings to the church at 2115 N. 42nd Street, Seattle, WA 98103.
  • Online giving is a convenient way to make regular offerings. Contributions can be debited automatically from your checking or savings account. To give online, click this link, create your online profile, and follow the onscreen instructions to schedule your recurring contributions.

Gifts of Time & Service

WUMC would be honored to receive your gifts of time, skill, and service to any of our diverse ministries. Listed below are a few areas where you can contribute. Feel free to contact Pastor Ann to find the perfect fit for your interest and availability.

  • Sunday morning services require many hearts and hands. Volunteer during the service as a liturgist, Scripture reader, usher, greeter, or office volunteer to help out with this important weekly gathering.
  • WUMC has many active ministries where you can volunteer. Some of our teams include Social Concerns, Sister Parish, Reconciling Ministries, Adult Education, Red Vine Theater, PRIDE Committee, Men’s and Women’s Groups, and more.
  • Our youth ministries are always in need of short- and long-term volunteers! Come work with our kids in Supper Church, Sunday School, Young Listeners, and PrimeTime.

Other Neat Ways to Give

It’s easy to contribute to WUMC’s ministries in other creative ways. Below are just a few of them.

  • Do your online shopping through the UMC Market. The UMC Market is a portal that links you to many online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, Groupon, and more. A portion of any purchase you make using the Market goes back to WUMC at no additional cost to you. Register and find out more at
  • Shop at PCC using PCC Scrip. Purchase a PCC Scrip card from WUMC for $20 and use it like a gift card at any PCC store. When you reload the card, 5% of the amount you load on the card kicks back to WUMC!
  • Bring non-perishable food items to the church any time of the year and WUMC will take them to a local food bank.
  • Bring in used printer cartridges to be reused or recycled. WUMC returns them and gets a small rebate for the trouble.