Social Concerns

The Social Concerns Group helps turn our focus toward our community.

* The next Social Concerns meeting will be on November 19 at 11:30AM in Adult Ed. Everyone is invited to attend to brainstorm about new projects and get updates on past ones.*

Social Concerns meets once a quarter, but in between times, the group stays busy with a number of projects. Each year, the group picks a theme to focus on – for example, the 2016-2017 theme is “Homelessness” – and orients their prayers, efforts, and actions around that theme.

Some recent actions by the group include: supporting Tent City 3 at the University of Washington, creating care packages for church members to distribute to those in need in daily life, attending Seattle city council and neighborhood meetings regarding homelessness, and lobbying for an increase in affordable housing.

To find out more, contact group leader Doug Conrad at