Race & Spirituality Group

Come learn about the ways race, ethnicity, culture, and spirituality intersect at the Race & Spirituality Group.

The Race & Spirituality Group was born of a desire to learn more about how race and spirituality impact individuals, the church, and our world.

The members of the Race & Spirituality Group currently meet on the third Thursday of the month to read, study, and otherwise understand how to be an inclusive church and help lead society toward more fairness and equality among racial and ethnic groups.

Since the group’s inception, members have read works like Michelle Alexander’s influential book The New Jim Crow, seen plays that speak to relevant issues, visited the Exhibit on Race at the Pacific Science Center, and worked to develop their skills as advocates for equality.

All are welcome to join the Race & Spirituality Group. Meeting dates, locations, and times may vary; contact Mary Edwards at maryedwards1964@msn.com to get the most current details.