Our Collective Journey Together

The Tribal Scribes formed in September 2000 in order to collect, consolidate, and archivally preserve oral and written stories, historical materials, and photos about Wallingford UMC. As a result, the church now has archival storage boxes that contain original photos, articles and other memorabilia dating from the early years. There are also beautiful, archival-quality notebooks that chronicle many important events in church history.  

A separate, larger timeline, which is useful for viewing by larger groups, traces details of our church history from 1912 – 2002. Written documents contain letters and narrative compilations. The first document, called Epistles to the People of God at WUMC, in a biblical tradition, contains letters to WUMC from former church leaders. The September 2003 edition, entitled Wallingford United Methodist Church: 90 Years of Our History, 1912 to 2002, contains a compilation of individual stories submitted by members and friends, a narrative history of the beginning of the reconciling movement at WUMC, and a 90 year overview of the history of the church spanning 1912 to 2002. The September 2003 edition also includes the text from the first document.

We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2012! Wallingford UMC is proud of its history, and looking forward to standing on the corner of 42nd and Bagley for many years to come.