Mission Statement

As a people of God engaged in a spiritual journey and bound by a common hope, we at Wallingford United Methodist Church stand in the stream of the Christian Faith, witnessing to our experience of God’s grace which we have seen in Jesus Christ.

  • We believe in a creating God, in the goodness of all God’s creation wumc-logo.jpgand in the sacred worth of every person.
  • We follow a living Christ, who reveals the love of God to us and shows us what it means to be fully human.
  • We trust the Holy Spirit, who courts us to stand in right relationship with God, assures us of God’s presence with us and works in us to bring God’s purposes to birth.

As a community of faith, we affirm the inclusiveness of the Gospel, and celebrate diversity in our midst.

As a community of hope, we proclaim that this broken world can change and that healing and wholeness can come.

As a community of love, we commit ourselves to working for justice and peace, that our love may be made concrete and visible in the world.

In our individual and community lives, we seek to bear witness to the presence, purposes and transforming love of God.  We extend our hands to all who would join us, to share our vision, our task and our joy.