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* The Fall 2015 Choir Schedule is now available! Check it out: Choir Schedule Fall 2015

We are a delightful and diverse group brought together by a love for music and the joy we find in each other’s company.

We cannot do this thing we love without each other. We need us all to make the harmony.

We are led by Lou Magor, a musical soul who teaches us skill and sensitivity to phrasing and dynamics without our realizing we are working on really difficult concepts. He makes everything fun, approachable, and worth doing.

Our rehearsal folders contain, at any given time, a very large variety of music: we work on music by European and Russian masters, Seattle composers, arrangements of hymns from many traditions, and music from all periods of American history. We enjoy singing in English, German, Russian, Latin, and Spanish. Because of this, we have become aware of the many ways people have honored God through music.

Join the fun! Rehearsals are on Thursday nights starting September 10th from 7:15PM-9:00PM. There is no audition.┬áTo find out more, please email Lou Magor, WUMC’s Music Director, at