March 29: Palm Sunday / Jesu, Meine Freude

During the Palm Sunday 11:00 Service this Sunday!

PALM SUNDAY – MARCH 29 – WorshipPalm Sunday

We celebrate with a Parade of Palms, singing Hosannas, and we close with the choir singing, J.S. Bach’s motet #3 “Jesu, Meine Freude” in the 11:00 service.

The 20-minute Bach masterpiece will be accompanied by violinists Courtney Kuroda, Steve Creswell, and Olga Gussow Hauptman; violist Laurie Wells; violoncellist Nathan Whittaker; and double bassist Todd Larson.  The presentation is made possible by the generosity of Margaret Jones’ family, as well as others who contributed to the choir in Margaret’s memory.

Holy Week and Easter at WUMC

Holy week is nearly upon us!

PALM SUNDAY – MARCH 29 – WorshipPalm Sunday

We celebrate with a Palm Parade, singing Hosannas, we close with the choir singing, J.S. Bach’s “Jesu, Meine Freude.”

MAUNDY THURSDAY – APRIL 2 – Table Fellowship Place at the table

We join other churches of North Seattle at 6:00 PM at Woodland Park United Methodist for POTLUCK Table Fellowship, liturgy, and communion.


At 7:30 PM we gather with other churches from North Seattle in our own sanctuary for a special candlelight service and the reading of the Passion narratives.  The diminishing candlelight continues until the cross is veiled, the Christ candle is extinguished, and we depart in the darkness.

EASTER SUNDAY – APRIL 5                            


7:00 AM: Sunrise Service at Green Lake (near the Bathhouse Theater)

8:30 AM: Worship at WUMC

9:45 AM: Brunch

10:15 AM: Easter Egg Hunt

11:00 AM: Worship at WUMC


WELCOME TO LENT! From the Wellspring…

cross“What will I do differently during Lent, then I have the rest of the year?”  Have I been the kind of person that I should always be (not just for 6 weeks of the year)?  Is there something that I should “give up”?  Is there something that I should “take on”?

Originally Lent was a time when the church was preparing its new converts for baptism at Easter, this is a time which we have expanded to everyone, for some introspection.

I have read that the trend is now toward not “giving up” something, so much as “taking on…”  I like that concept, for it has a positive purpose to it.  Although, I think that often there is a need to “give up…” in order to have the room in our lives to “take on…”

Many of my friends have begun practicing a ritual of divesting themselves of possessions that clutter their lives on a daily basis during Lent.  I ask myself, what is getting in the way of my taking on the things that are BEST FOR ME, as a creature in relationship with God.  Why don’t I get that bit of exercise?  Why don’t I take the time to prepare a nutritious meal instead of eating out, or out of can or box?  Why does it seem easier to find the time to play a game on the computer, than to read a book or article or devotion for the sake of my soul?

What this season lends to us is a time to prioritize.  The giving up of things that are less important, and perhaps less good for our bodies, minds and souls, is a natural part of setting priorities toward taking on those things which are healthier for our bodies, minds and souls.

So, I’ll suggest that now is the time to think about “PRIORITIES” as we move further into this season in which we are learning about and practicing SABBATH (which means to cease).  Don’t just “give up…” or cease for the sake of doing it!  But for the sake of “taking on…”  And take on what will make you closer to your Creator.  Take on a weekly act of “purging” yourself of unneeded “stuff” – household, physical stress, or mental garbage.  Take on health, and strength, knowledge and wonder and beauty.  Take that hike, go to the pool or gym, watch the birds, read your daily devotion, pray, eat healthy, play with children, meet with people who are good for your spirit.  Take on a daily act of kindness.  Take on a joyful attitude toward everyone you encounter.

Lent has barely begun.  It’s never too late.  May your Lenten time of renewal be blessed!

– Pastor Karla

Happenings across Seattle’s North End

Lent is  here!

BELOW you will find information on:

  • Lenten Study Groups
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday

The Theme for all our churches in North Seattle this year:  “Sabbath”

Churches of the network are hosting the following groups during Lent – choose the group that best fits your interest and time constraints:

Lent Study GroupsLent Rhythms textLent Practicing Sabbath text

All these groups are starting the week of February 22nd and ending the week of March 22nd, unless otherwise noted.


We have ONE group meeting at the Wallingford church on Sunday at 9:45 a.m. during the regular Adult Ed time.  (The Wednesday evening group HAS BEEN CANCELLED.)  We are using the dvd-based curriculum created by Rev. Katie Ladd of Queen Anne United Methodist Church – the DVD clips feature nationally-known theologians like Walter Bruggeman, Brian McClaren,  Ellen F. Davis, and Norman Wirzba.

This is an exploration of Sabbath as a rhythm of life that fosters care for creation, re-balances our relationship with work, grounds Sabbath in biblical teaching and tradition, connects Sabbath to justice, roots it in community, infuses Sabbath with joy, places Sabbath at the heart of loving God and neighbor, and ties Sabbath to the Lord’s Day.

As noted above this offering is also at other locations/times in Sabbath as resistanceNorth Seattle, as well as the Book groups which are using Walter Bruggeman’s book, Sabbath as Resistance. Bruggeman will also be speaking on the subject at The Well/Queen Anne UMC on March 13!


The north end churches are also cooperating in the Holy Week services – choose which fit your schedule and needs – More Holy Week and EASTER information will be published as the time gets closer!  Here’s what we have at present:

Lent thurs-friNEnd Church text

NEnd Churches addresses


WE WON!! The food drive competition, that is.

The second year for the United in Blue challenge!  And this year we won!  But the best part is the WIN for hungry people in New England and Pacific NW!

The United Methodist Churches of Seattle challenged the New England Annual Conference to a food drive. For the time between the championship games and super bowl, it was a fierce competition to see which churches can collect the most non-perishable food items and dollars.


The Lake Washington UMC was the conference winner for the second year in a row, with 7632 items!  They must have had a head start or something…  Altogether 55 PNW churches participated.

New England Churches raised about 10,000 items and dollars.  Not bad for their first time and many small rural churches!

Thanks to all who participated at Wallingford UMC to bring in our 165 items!!

From the Wellspring: NEW YEAR COVENANTING

The full version of the January Well Wisher is now available HERE.  Here is the Pastor’s Page:

From the Wellspring…

Barb Brown Taylor quote

 A new year always brings with it the opportunity to “turn over a new leaf.” We laugh about our resolution “failures,” the usually half-hearted, thwarted attempts at self-improvement. Yet looking at the new year from a Christian perspective, it is one of many chances that we get to review our lives, ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, start fresh and have a new beginning.

This year, why not resolve to make each day of the year God’s day in your life. Start small – maybe decide to say a prayer while you brush your teeth each morning and night. Or read a daily devotion while you eat your breakfast. It doesn’t take a lot to begin each day with a little focus, reminding ourselves that we live in God’s time, and that our lives are dedicated to the work of Christ.

It is good to remind ourselves at the close of a year, and the fresh beginning of a new one, that we are in covenant with God. That no matter what we have done, the covenant is in place. That no matter what we have said, or felt, or how we have failed in the past, the future is still ours with God, and the covenant holds.

Wishing you and yours a blessed new year, and another opportunity to renew the covenant.

Shalom,New year prayer

Pastor Karla


Touch me, O God, with the spirit of truth, that I might be honest about my sins and failures.

Forgive me for treating your covenant lightly and at times ignoring it completely.

Enable me to truly see and know forgiveness for all the hurts I have caused, for harboring ill will, and for any hardness of heart I may have.

Please renew a right spirit within me, that I may today begin to be more Christ-like and that my life may reveal Christ’s love and light.

May each day of my new year reflect that love and light upon the world.

In Christ’s name…  Amen.


Advent is here!

Advent is here and there are many things happening in North Seattle.  Please note:

  • In the December Well Wisher all the special worship times that are available to us in the 7 participating churches in the Northend Collaborative group, including our own Christmas Play and Sing, Spiral, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, and others such a a Longest Night service, Caroling, etc.  Check it out!
  • An Advent devotional and picture book compiled for use of the participating churches.
  • Here is Pastor Karla’s post from the Well Wisher newsletter for December:

We are preparing to enter a new Advent Season as I
am writing, which also means a new “church year”
with the traditional scripture readings (common lectionary).
This year, we are likely to spend a lot of
time in the Gospel of Mark.
Mark begins his gospel in a different way than the
other synoptics. In Matthew there are angel visitations,
and family ties, kings give gifts to Jesus, and so
on. Luke gives us some dramatic, theatrical pastoral
scenes with a low-born baby, shepherds, straw-stuffed
mangers with animals, and so on. But, MARK, he
brings in the savior with a preacher!
Not a nice, neat, proper, pulpit preacher
(Methodist?), though. No, he introduces us to John,
the one they call the “Baptist.” The one who eats
grasshoppers and wears animal skins! The one whose
church is the middle of nowhere, out in the wilderness.
The one who preaches his eerie message,
“Repent, the kingdom of God is near!” This guy is
really meant to get our attention.
As a preacher, I have to let you in on my deep discomfort
with the whole idea of street-corner philosophers
and preachers. They don’t go near a church,
usually don’t have any kind of theological education
– that is, they are not steeped in the critical methods
of Bible study and historical understanding of the
contexts of Scripture. They have not been tested by
any standards of the church, approved by a board of
ministry of any sort, and haven’t had to pass the
muster with anyone! They are self-approved and appointed
“messengers” of God. They tend to give a
very literal reading of Bible based on their own understandings
of the words printed there – simplistic,
in my opinion. You never know what they are going
to come up with. And they appear to be so “lunatic”
as to give all preachers a bad name.
John appears to fit in this lunatic fringe. He had no
board of ordained ministry. His teachers might have
been a few simple Rabbis. And he hung out with the
animals and trees and his diet and attire made him
look somewhat crazed. AND… Those who ignored
him and insisted on staying inside the buildings,
MISSED the message of the coming Messiah. Only
those who risked going out into the wilderness heard
John’s good news message.
The thing that we DO learn from John is that you
don’t know about Jesus without someone
(WHOEVER that someone might be) celebrating
the presence of God, preparing the way and bringing
the news. The good news of Jesus is just that –
NEWS! It must be told by someone, delivered by a
messenger of some sort. In Matthew, an angel brings
it to Joseph and to Mary individually. In Luke, a
FLOCK of angels tells the story, and then the unscrupulous
shepherds run out to spread the news of
the birth to everyone!
God uses many different means to get across to us the news
of a messiah – the good news that “God is with us!”
Watch this Advent season for how “Emmanuel” might
bring the news to you! CELEBRATE! EMMANUEL
Pastor Karla

Social Concerns Update

OutreachThere are a variety of programs and activities that have caught the attention of a significant number of folks in our congregation. Based on our previous brainstorming and the results of last spring’s visioning meetings, Jan Capps and I as co-conveners have identified the themes below as areas of great interest. We’ve listed a few bullet points underneath certain themes to mention specific examples of programs that WUMC could support and participate in, or is already participating in. Please let us know if we’ve missed or mis-categorized themes or specific program examples that you’d like to call out.

  1. Sexual Justice
  • Pride Parade
  • Reconciling Ministries
  • Uganda Underground Railroad
  1. Homelessness & Poverty
  • Teen Feed
  • Economic Opportunity Institute
  • Mary’s Place
  • Growing Together Seattle
  1. Immigration Reform
  1. Racial Justice
  • Race & Spirituality Group
  1. Dealing with Disabilities (spiritual and socioeconomic)
  1. Global Peace, Poverty, & Development
  • Sister Parish
  • Uganda Underground Railroad
  1. Protecting the Earth & Environment
 Please call or write Jan Capps or Doug Conrad if you’d like to participate in and shape our congregation’s Social Concerns & Outreach ministries.

We welcome your involvement!



Mary’s Place OUTREACH


WUMC has a unique opportunity to help serve those impacted by homelessness in our community. Read on to find out more!

Mary’s Place is program that supports homeless women and children and has a day center and a rotating night shelter. The Rotating Night Shelter houses 14 (5-6 families) and moves to 13 different faith communities, each congregation hosting one week per quarter, four weeks per year.


As one of these faith communities, Ravenna United Methodist Church has offered to allow us to use their space to host the shelter. We can provide the staffing and they will provide the space. RUMC is next hosting Oct 28th-Nov 4th and has offered to share roles and shifts so that we can learn how the process works. If after this “trial” week, we want to commit to staffing a full week on our own, we can do so as the rotation schedule for 2015 will be set in a few weeks.


Shift descriptions are below.  Sign up to help online here:

If you have questions, you can contact Jan Capps.

Mary’s Place Shift Descriptions

Ravenna United Methodist Church

 Staff (Pastor / Church Officer / Coordinator)      5:00pm – 7:00pm

Prepare the church for the arrival of the guests and volunteers.  Open the front (red) doors.  Inspect the sleeping area and parlor to ensure they are prepared to receive guests.  Adjust windows, air flow, and temperature if necessary.  Check the phone for messages from volunteers and Mary’s Place.  Meet with meal providers and evening shift volunteers to coordinate dinner and evening arrangements.  Greet guests as they arrive and address complaints or special needs if required.  On the first night, assist guests with settling in and storing personal items. Familiarize guests with facilities, schedules, chores, etc.  Store guest medicines in the office.  Each evening hold a quick pre-dinner meeting with the families to review policies, announce any special activities or schedule changes, and discuss any issues that may have arisen.

Meal Providers                    6:00pm – 7:00pm 

Prepare at home a nutritious dinner meal for up to 18 individuals including a main course, vegetables/fruits, bread, milk, and fruit juice.   Arrive at the church in time to serve the hot meal at 6:00pm.  Meals may be prepared at home and heated up at the church, but must be ready to be served at 6:00pm.  You do not need to stay for the meal, but you are welcome to.  Keep in mind that there are often dietary restrictions and that most of the guests are children.  We will inform you of the specific dietary restrictions of the guests but generally it is a good idea to avoid pork, peanuts, and shellfish.  Some popular meals include tacos, stews, chilies, stir-fries, chicken nuggets, lasagna, spaghetti, baked potatoes, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese.

Evening Staff Volunteers (2+ volunteers needed)                                     5:30pm – 9:30pm

Meet and review activities with the Church Staff member. Prepare the parlor for dinner, serve dinner, eat with the guests, supervise guests in dinner cleanup activities, and prepare the parlor for evening activities.  Announce “lights out” at 9:00pm.  Meet and review activities with the Night Staff Volunteers.  Ensure exterior doors are locked prior to departure.

 Activities Friday, Saturday, Sunday                                                             7:00pm – 9:00pm

Plan an after dinner activity for the families.

 Night Staff Volunteers (2+ volunteers needed, at least 1 woman)      9:00pm – 5:45am 

Meet and review activities with the Evening Staff Volunteers.  Assist with “lights-out” if needed.  Wake guests at 5:30am sharp (6:30 on Saturdays; no wake-up needed on Sundays).  Help pack up leftovers from the previous evening’s meal to take to Mary’s Place.  The leftovers will be served as part of lunch at the day shelter.

 Morning Staff Volunteers                                                                             5:15am – 7:00am (8:00am Sat)

Meet and review activities with the Night Staff Volunteers.  Assist with waking families at 5:30am sharp (6:30 on Saturdays; no wake-up needed on Sundays).  Prepare the parlor for breakfast and set out cereal, milk, juice, yogurt cups, granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, ziplock bags, spoons, cups, and bowls.  Assist with breakfast cleanup if necessary.  Pack up leftovers from the previous evening’s meal to take to Mary’s Place.  The leftovers will be served as part of lunch at the day shelter.  Ensure all guests have departed the building by 6:40am (7:40am on Saturday).  Guests with their own transportation are required to leave at the same time as all other guests.

 Morning Van Driver     6:30am-7:30am (7:30–8:30 Sat)

Drive the 10-passenger van to take families to Mary’s Place.  Arrive at the church no later than 6:30am for a 6:40am departure (7:40am on Saturdays). Please take the leftover food to Mary’s Place.  Return the van to the church.

 Afternoon Van Driver                                                                                               4:30pm-5:30pm

Drive the 10-passenger van to pick up the families from Mary’s Place.  Arrive at the church at 4:30pm to pick up the van.  Pick up the families from Mary’s Place at 5pm and return to the church.

 Sunday Afternoon Volunteers (Dividable into multiple short shifts)      12:00pm – 6:00pm

Volunteers need to be present during the afternoon when the families have time to relax.  Some families may stay while others depart for the day.  This is an opportunity to relax with the guests and help them if they require any assistance during the day.

 Set-up and Clean-Up Volunteers                                                                 Tuesday mornings

Volunteers are needed for a variety of set-up and clean-up tasks including: clean-up and prepare sleeping areas; kitchen, parlor, and refrigerator clean-up; receive guests’ items from previous host site; load guests’ items into the van for transportation to the next host site; etc.

 Donate Supplies                                                                               

Another way to help is to donate supplies such as hand soap, non-sugary cereal, sandwich bread, dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products.


If you would like to help in another way, please let us know!