Lay Transitions Workshop

Sand Point Community UMC is hosting a Transitions Workshop for congregations like ours that are experiencing leadership changes.

All are invited to attend this workshop on May 17th from 2:00PM-5:00PM. The event will be led by Melinda Holloway, a hospital chaplain from Olympia. The goal of the day is to help laypeople prepare for pastoral leadership changes in healthy, helpful ways.

The Transitions Workshop is free and open to all. Please RSVP to Kyle Franklin ( to reserve your spot.

APRIL Wellwisher & other BREAKING news!

The April Wellwisher is available and full of all the news a WUMCer could ever want. This month, check out some parting words from Pastor Karla, review the Holy Week & Easter schedule, stay up to date with news from the Board and A-Team, and much more!

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 Here is the Well Wisher- Our monthly newsletter:     April 2015 Wellwisher

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Only One Week Until the Matters of the Heart Auction!

From Pam Xander:

Hello WUMC Members and Friends:

Our annual fundraising auction is less than two months away and we are excited to announce that the auction website is activated and ready for you to use now. You can RSVP for ticket purchases (2 levels: $55 per person regular and $75 per person benefactor level), type in your donations, and preview auction items prior to the event. The meal this year will be a buffet with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The website link is

The auction is a silent and live auction with buffet dinner that will be held at the Don James Center at Husky Stadium on Saturday, May 9th starting at 5:30PM. We are thrilled to be able to offer this venue for the auction this year. If you have never been there, you are in for a real treat. The venue looks directly down onto the football field and glorious views of Lake Washington. This is a great opportunity to invite your friends and relatives so they can experience this exciting space! The auction is an annual social event co-sponsored by the Wallingford United Methodist Church congregation and the Wallingford Childcare Center to raise funds for capital improvements and special needs for both communities. Donations are received from parents of children in the childcare center, from church members and from local businesses.

We will also be selling tickets in person between services on Sunday mornings leading up to the auction if you do not want to purchase online. If you are using the website, you will be directed to sign in first so the system can receive your donor information. After that is complete, you simply fill out the online form and the donation automatically goes into our auction database system (Note: if you want to donate the same thing that you donated last year with no changes, you can just email Pam Xander at and she will reactivate that item that is already in our database system).

Some of the donated items are already available for viewing on the auction website. You can look at the auction items and create a “wish list” of things you want to make sure to bid on at the auction. More items and photos will be added each day leading up to the auction.

We encourage everyone to find a way to participate in the auction. We are currently looking for volunteers that can give a few hours of their time to organize ticket sales, pick up procured items from businesses and encouraging parents to donate items. Please save the date of Saturday, May 9th and let Pam Xander ( know if you can volunteer prior to the auction or the night of the auction.


March 29: Palm Sunday / Jesu, Meine Freude

During the Palm Sunday 11:00 Service this Sunday!

PALM SUNDAY – MARCH 29 – WorshipPalm Sunday

We celebrate with a Parade of Palms, singing Hosannas, and we close with the choir singing, J.S. Bach’s motet #3 “Jesu, Meine Freude” in the 11:00 service.

The 20-minute Bach masterpiece will be accompanied by violinists Courtney Kuroda, Steve Creswell, and Olga Gussow Hauptman; violist Laurie Wells; violoncellist Nathan Whittaker; and double bassist Todd Larson.  The presentation is made possible by the generosity of Margaret Jones’ family, as well as others who contributed to the choir in Margaret’s memory.

Holy Week and Easter at WUMC

Holy week is nearly upon us!

PALM SUNDAY – MARCH 29 – WorshipPalm Sunday

We celebrate with a Palm Parade, singing Hosannas, we close with the choir singing, J.S. Bach’s “Jesu, Meine Freude.”

MAUNDY THURSDAY – APRIL 2 – Table Fellowship Place at the table

We join other churches of North Seattle at 6:00 PM at Woodland Park United Methodist for POTLUCK Table Fellowship, liturgy, and communion.


At 7:30 PM we gather with other churches from North Seattle in our own sanctuary for a special candlelight service and the reading of the Passion narratives.  The diminishing candlelight continues until the cross is veiled, the Christ candle is extinguished, and we depart in the darkness.

EASTER SUNDAY – APRIL 5                            


7:00 AM: Sunrise Service at Green Lake (near the Bathhouse Theater)

8:30 AM: Worship at WUMC

9:45 AM: Brunch

10:15 AM: Easter Egg Hunt

11:00 AM: Worship at WUMC


WELCOME TO LENT! From the Wellspring…

cross“What will I do differently during Lent, then I have the rest of the year?”  Have I been the kind of person that I should always be (not just for 6 weeks of the year)?  Is there something that I should “give up”?  Is there something that I should “take on”?

Originally Lent was a time when the church was preparing its new converts for baptism at Easter, this is a time which we have expanded to everyone, for some introspection.

I have read that the trend is now toward not “giving up” something, so much as “taking on…”  I like that concept, for it has a positive purpose to it.  Although, I think that often there is a need to “give up…” in order to have the room in our lives to “take on…”

Many of my friends have begun practicing a ritual of divesting themselves of possessions that clutter their lives on a daily basis during Lent.  I ask myself, what is getting in the way of my taking on the things that are BEST FOR ME, as a creature in relationship with God.  Why don’t I get that bit of exercise?  Why don’t I take the time to prepare a nutritious meal instead of eating out, or out of can or box?  Why does it seem easier to find the time to play a game on the computer, than to read a book or article or devotion for the sake of my soul?

What this season lends to us is a time to prioritize.  The giving up of things that are less important, and perhaps less good for our bodies, minds and souls, is a natural part of setting priorities toward taking on those things which are healthier for our bodies, minds and souls.

So, I’ll suggest that now is the time to think about “PRIORITIES” as we move further into this season in which we are learning about and practicing SABBATH (which means to cease).  Don’t just “give up…” or cease for the sake of doing it!  But for the sake of “taking on…”  And take on what will make you closer to your Creator.  Take on a weekly act of “purging” yourself of unneeded “stuff” – household, physical stress, or mental garbage.  Take on health, and strength, knowledge and wonder and beauty.  Take that hike, go to the pool or gym, watch the birds, read your daily devotion, pray, eat healthy, play with children, meet with people who are good for your spirit.  Take on a daily act of kindness.  Take on a joyful attitude toward everyone you encounter.

Lent has barely begun.  It’s never too late.  May your Lenten time of renewal be blessed!

– Pastor Karla

Happenings across Seattle’s North End

Lent is  here!

BELOW you will find information on:

  • Lenten Study Groups
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday

The Theme for all our churches in North Seattle this year:  “Sabbath”

Churches of the network are hosting the following groups during Lent – choose the group that best fits your interest and time constraints:

Lent Study GroupsLent Rhythms textLent Practicing Sabbath text

All these groups are starting the week of February 22nd and ending the week of March 22nd, unless otherwise noted.


We have ONE group meeting at the Wallingford church on Sunday at 9:45 a.m. during the regular Adult Ed time.  (The Wednesday evening group HAS BEEN CANCELLED.)  We are using the dvd-based curriculum created by Rev. Katie Ladd of Queen Anne United Methodist Church – the DVD clips feature nationally-known theologians like Walter Bruggeman, Brian McClaren,  Ellen F. Davis, and Norman Wirzba.

This is an exploration of Sabbath as a rhythm of life that fosters care for creation, re-balances our relationship with work, grounds Sabbath in biblical teaching and tradition, connects Sabbath to justice, roots it in community, infuses Sabbath with joy, places Sabbath at the heart of loving God and neighbor, and ties Sabbath to the Lord’s Day.

As noted above this offering is also at other locations/times in Sabbath as resistanceNorth Seattle, as well as the Book groups which are using Walter Bruggeman’s book, Sabbath as Resistance. Bruggeman will also be speaking on the subject at The Well/Queen Anne UMC on March 13!


The north end churches are also cooperating in the Holy Week services – choose which fit your schedule and needs – More Holy Week and EASTER information will be published as the time gets closer!  Here’s what we have at present:

Lent thurs-friNEnd Church text

NEnd Churches addresses