Rev. Ann Berney, Pastor, Wallingford United Methodist Church


Phone: 206.547.6945

Having grown up in the Palouse hills of Eastern Washington, attended college in Spokane, seminary in Berkeley and spent three years nursing in rural Northeast Brazil, I’m a person who looks for wonder and beauty in all kinds of places—and I’m very much enjoying exploring this metropolis of Seattle.

I have been schooled in nursing, liberation theology (Latin American style), progressive United Methodist theology and practice, spiritual direction (St. Placid Priory), and have learned through hundreds of conversations and experiences with parishioners concerning the challenges and joys, sorrows and hopes of daily life.

I am grateful to be in ministry with the good folks of Wallingford UMC, a pioneering Reconciling Congregation (GLBTQ inclusive), welcoming all with great arms of hospitality. I am thankful for WUMC’s commitment to work practically and strategically for people in our area who are most at risk— the hungry, homeless, those on the edge of losing housing, in immigration struggles, experiencing racial disparity.

I am a follower of Christ, as best I can– with an understanding that love helps to cast out fear, that we are to use our head, our heart and our action for the sake of the world. In living our faith we are challenged to include both internal, quiet time to rest in God, and external outward time to create community, and care for our neighbor.

In a few words, this passage is a guiding light for me.
“Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with God.”  Micah 6:8

I believe that we are lifelong learners, and I enjoy the variety of points of view in both faith and the daily adventure of life that the people of WUMC hold. This is a place where one’s talents and passions, in great variety, can be used for the glory of God.

Questions and wide spiritual exploration are welcome. I treasure sharing time with those who are searching, struggling or growing in faith. Each human is a unique and beloved child of God.

Come, join with us, as we share and support one another in this great adventure of life.

My email is Contact me for pastoral care or just to talk!