High Schoolers

WUMC’s amazing high schoolers meet regularly to hang out and have fun.

High schoolers (grades 9-12) are invited to meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month to talk, study, and hang out together. CYF Director Ashley Evans and a few of WUMC’s young adults lead this ministry.

All high school students are invited to join in this time of conversation on what’s going on in life and how God is showing up. Students can also bring homework to work on since weekends are so busy and Mondays come so soon.

Sometimes this group meets offsite and sometimes it meets at the church (keep an eye on the weekly publications for specific details). Gatherings start after worship and conclude by 1:00PM.

To find out more or to help out, contact Maggie (youth@wallingfordumc.org) for more information.