Response to Homelessness


Jesus began his life with us in homelessness.
We at Wallingford UMC feel called this year to respond to the homelessness we see around us:
How can we show compassion? How can we bring about justice?
This page, then,  is a gathering place for:
(contact Barb Bash  if you have a contribution for this page!)

  • Stories about connections we have made to homeless people
  • Efforts made in volunteering or advocacy
  • Ideas about ways forward
  • Reflections on homelessness and having a home

Pastor Ann Berney wrote this piece for the January Wellwisher:
Bringing God’s Love to Reality

Barb Bash offered this reflection on her volunteer work recently at Sunday worship:
Suffering, Compassion and the English Language


Learn More about Mary’s Place

Volunteer at Mary’s Place Rotating Shelter at Ravenna UMC– February 9-16; next week there will be in May 2016
Download their Volunteer Handbook here
contact Rev. Hal Perry for more info

Learn More about Ballard Ecumenical Homeless Shelter
contact Barb Bash  for more info on volunteering

Learn More about Ballard Nickelsville tent city

Learn More about LIHI’s Urban Rest Stops

Help register homeless people to vote


Firesteel is the YWCA’s social media advocacy platform.  It offers a super-easy way to contact state legislators in support of measures relating to homelessness that are currently under consideration in Olympia.  For a weekly dose of inspiring blog posts and videos that can be used to build awareness and support for ending homelessness, sign up for the Firesteel blog.

YWCA Volunteer Services offer a wide array of options for volunteering at the YWCA including Angeline’s Center for Homeless Women located at Third and Lenora in Belltown.

Visit All Home King County’s website-statistics, news, legislative action, plans

Download a Word document of
All Home’s 2016 Legislative Priorities
–write a letter!

Link to One Home, an effort to encourage landlords to rent to people coming out of homelessness by using liaisons to support both landlord and tenant